Prescribed fire is a SAFE way to apply a natural process, ensure ecosystem health and reduce wildfire risk.


Tickets are now available for the Meeting in September.


 You can go to the following web site, or got to our facebook page to obtain your tickets.
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Here is the schedule for the 9th Annual ALPFC Meeting. Please mark your calendars and plan on joining us for  a great day. There will be a link to follow soon for advance registration.

Alabama Prescribed Fire Council – 9th Annual Meeting – “What’s holding you back?”

Birmingham Botanical Gardens – September 3, 2015


0730-0830   Registration and CFE signup


0830-0840   Welcome & election ballot bio sketches and instructions (Errol Shaw, ALPFC Chair)




0840-0910       Encouragement from State Forester Greg Pate & State Representative Mark Tuggle


0910-0930       Southern Fire Exchange resources (Alan Long, SFE Director)


0930-0950   Training opportunities & certification (John Goff, AFC)


0950-1010      Mentoring, confidence building (Jeff Thurmond, NRCS)


1010-1030       BREAK (award 3 door prizes at 1030)




1030-1050       Types of firelines, handtools and standards (Scott Layfield, USDA Forest Service)


1050-1110      ATV burn tanks and water handling (John Stivers, consultant forester)


1110-1130        Determining personnel needs and PPE (Art Dyas, consultant forester)


1130-1230      LUNCH & Business meeting (award 3 door prizes at 1230)




1230-1250      Weather considerations (Ethan Barrett, AFC)


1250-1310       Air quality standards (Lud Hoffman, ADEM Air Quality Division)


1310-1330      Cost share opportunities (Tim Albritton, NRCS)


1330-1350      Burn plans, budgets, cost components (Ted DeVos, Bach & DeVos)


1350-1410      BREAK (award 3 door prizes at 1410)




1410-1440     Liability issues with prescribed fire (Hayes Brown)


1440-1510     Prescribed fire insurance considerations (Slade Ponder, J Smith Lanier Insurance)


1510-1530    Increasing “degree of difficulty” with prescribed fire operations (Ed Travis, consultant)


1530-1545      Questions on presentations & panel discussion


1545-1600      Closing remarks, raffle drawing on leaf blower and drip torch


1600               ADJOURN, CFE certificates are available as you exit, travel home safely, burn with    

                         confidence and professionalism!






Prescribed fire is a SAFE way to apply a natural process, ensure ecosystem health & reduce wildfire risk!







Upcoming Events


Alabama Prescribed Fire Council – 9th Annual Meeting

“What’s holding you back?”

Birmingham Botanical Gardens – September 3, 2015

Details to follow as soon as they are finalized



Alabama Certified Prescribed Burn Manager
2015 Training Registration

To register for available classes please visit

Details about the Alabama Forestry Commission’s Certified Prescribed Burn Manager Program may be found at Prescribed Burn Certification and Prescribe Burn Manager Re-certification.

Who should take the CPBM Certification COURSE? Any forest land owner, forester, wildlife biologist, consultant, contractor, or agency personnel who is interested in the use of prescribed wildland fire as a management tool and who is seeking certification should attend. Out of state participants are welcome.

Who should take the CPBM recertification WORKSHOP? Any current Alabama Certified Prescribed Burn Manager who needs the required 6 CEUs every 5 years for re-certification should take the workshop.

These courses/workshops are sponsored and funded by the Alabama Forestry Commission. Due to a reduction in government grant funding a participation fee will now be charged to partially cover the cost of the training sessions.


Alabama Forestry Commission, Forest Operations Division
Attn: Marti Davis
Post Office Box 302550, Montgomery, AL 36130-2550


Subject: The long awaited Cohesive Fire Strategy website has gone live!

Hello All,

I am pleased to announce that the Wildland Fire in the South ( website has gone live.  We welcome you to explore the site and provide feedback.

Mike Zupko, formerly the Southeastern Regional Chair of the Cohesive Strategyand who guided this project, wanted all the southern success stories (Models for Action-MFA) to be tagged to “actions in the southeast”…hence the name, Models for Action.  To locate these from the main page, click on one of the 5 southern values (Firefighter & Public Safety, Property Protection, Marketable Products, etc.). At the bottom half of this next Value page there will be a list of “actions”.  Click on one of the actions and success stories related to that action will be listed on the right side of the screen.

Thank you for all your contributions!

Holly Campbell

Extension Associate

Southern Regional Extension Forestry (SREF)

University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia




2015-2016 Certified Burn Manager Certification & Recertification Courses in Alabama

Details on registration, Fee’s, etc. Will be posted within the next two weeks. In the meantime, if you have questions concerning the classes you can email the instructor at

2015-2016 Certified Burn Manager Certification & Recertification Courses in Alabama

 2015 dates & locations:

 July 20, 2015 RECERTIFICATION course, University of West Alabama (central location)

July 21-24, 2015 CERTIFICATION course, University of West Alabama (central location)

 August 10, 2015 RECERTIFICATION course, Camp McDowell (north location)

August 11-14, 2015 CERTIFICATION course, Camp McDowell (north location)

 September 14, 2015 RECERTIFICATION course, Solon Dixon Center (south location)

September 15-18, 2015 CERTIFICATION course, Solon Dixon Center (south location)

 2016 dates & locations:

 July 11, 2016, RECERTIFICATION course, Gadsden AL (north location)

July 12-15, 2016 CERTIFICATION course, Gadsden AL (north location)

 August 15, 2016, RECERTIFICATION course, AU (central location)

August 16-19, 2016 CERTIFICATION course, AU (central location)

 September 12, 2016 RECERTIFICATION course, Eufaula AL (south location)

September 13-16, 2016, CERTIFICATION course, Eufaula AL (south location)



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ALPFC T-Shirts all sizes   $15.00 each plus shipping   Shipping costs Vary out of state. To Order yours, e-mail  Bob Battistella  [ ] Place “T-shirt” in the subject line.


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Steps to place an order:

  1. email and specify BOTH number and sizes of shirts
  2. specify the name and mailing address in which to send the shirts
  3. make payment to “ALPFC” for the amount based on $15 per shirt and $6.75 for shipping & handling
  4. mail payment to:  Alabama Forestry Commission, c/o Marti Davis, 513 Madison Avenue, Montgomery AL 36104
  5. once payment is received, the shirts will be sent
  6. email and advise when order has been received


Mission Statement

Mission:“To protect, conserve, and expand the safe use of prescribed fire on Alabama’s fire adapted landscape.”Purpose:a. provide a focus for issues and concernsb. facilitate communication and the exchange of informationc. provide a forum where all interested parties may participated. promote a general public understanding prescribed fire and distinguishing between prescribed fire and wildland fire, e. promote safety, training, and research in the art and science of prescribed fire, f. provide a forum for discussions on prescribed fire practices, and g. promote and facilitate an increase in acres treated annually with prescribed fire.